Our Process: Visa Processing


Complete & print our free quote/request form

Our online calculator will generate a free preliminary quote once you complete the online questionnaire. Please print the quote and provide it to our office alongside the documents for processing. Please see our FAQ’s section to explore the various ways you may minimize your overall costs. Payments must be made in advance. and in Canadian Dollars. We accept payments electronically by VISA, MasterCard, or American Express. We also accept payment via e-mail money transfer. Alternatively, you may include payment when sending us your documents, in the form of cash, corporate cheque, or money order.


Review VISA requirements with Embassy/Consulate

Before sending us your documents, we strongly recommend that you contact the specific Embassy/Consulate in question to confirm their specific entry requirements for foreigners, as well as their visa application requirements. The Embassy/Consulate will also impose jurisdictional provisions that will determine in which jurisdiction you are eligible to apply for a visa (if applicable).


Send documents to Capital Authentication

Capital Authentication highly recommends sending us your documents via a recognized courier that provides you with a tracking number. Please ensure to include all necessary documents, passports, photos and supporting documents (if applicable), covering letter to the Embassy/Consulate, money order for consular fees, return courier waybill (if applicable), payment (unless previously paid), along with the printed preliminary quote/request form from our website. Our office will send you an email confirming receipt of your documents.


We attend at Embassy/Consulate in person

Our office will act as your agent and attend at the necessary Embassy/Consulate in person to have your Visa application submitted. In most cases, we will be required to re-attend at the Embassy/Consulate to retrieve your documents, as many consulates do not issue Visa’s on the spot. The price included in the online quote already takes this factor into account. Should any problems arise, we will contact the client and make the necessary attempts to have the situation corrected.


Return documents to you

Once the visa(s) have been issued, our office will re-attend at the Embassy/Consulate to retrieve your document(s). We will confirm with you by either email or by phone that your passports/documents are ready to be returned to you. If a return courier waybill is provided to us by the client, we will return the document(s) in that method, along with a copy of the ‘paid’ invoice for your records. If a return courier is not provided to us, we will return your documents to you via a recognized courier company, for an additional cost, and will provide you with the tracking number. We will also include a copy of the invoice, indicating the balance owing acquired from this disbursement. Due to the sensitivity of the documents, at Capital Authentication, we will never under any circumstances return your documents to you via regular lettermail.