Visa Processing Services

Each country implements its own legislation which defines entry requirements for foreigners. As such, Capital Authentication strongly encourages its clients to verify with the Embassy/Consulate of the country in question, to confirm the specific application requirements for their particular situation, and to do so well in advance of the expected travel date(s).

Whether the purpose of your travels are for personal, student, adoption or business affairs, the staff at Capital Authentication are able to attend at the Embassy/Consulate in question and have your visa issued on your behalf. In addition to each country enforcing different application requirements, some countries also enforce their own unique jurisdictional provisions that ultimately determine which Embassy/Consulate in which jurisdiction your visa must be applied for. Most foreign countries have multiple consular offices located in various major cities, including in Ottawa. It is certainly not at the discretion of Capital Authentication, nor at the discretion of the client, to decide at which consular office the visa is applied for. As such, please be sure to confirm the jurisdictional provisions with your consulate’s office prior to sending us your documents.

By viewing the charts (Schedules ‘G’ and ‘H’), you are able to determine the various costs associated with our numerous available turnaround times, depending on the number of passports you may have requiring visas. Unless you require a visa on an absolute “rush” basis, we recommend to our clients to choose a slower turnaround time to allow for a much more cost-effective rate. Typically each Embassy/Consulate charges different fees depending on the type of visa required (tourist, business, etc.), and the type of entry (single, multiple, etc.). As a courtesy to our clients, Capital Authentication does not bill a higher fee to process business or multiple-entry visas. Processing any certain type of visa does not necessarily impose on us any additional labour than any other type of visa; hence, we charge the same rates regardless of the visa-type. The prices listed in the attached schedules do not include any applicable fees charged by the Embassy/Consulate for the visa. We strongly encourage our clients to confirm any applicable consular fees with the Embassy/Consulate in question prior to sending us any documents. Although we recommend to our clients to provide us with the money order(s) for such disbursements, our office is able to advance the payment(s) on your behalf at an additional cost of $15.00 per money order obtained, plus the actual amount of the consular fee.

In the event that an Embassy/Consulate does not offer a swift service time to process your visa, we may be unable to offer to you one of our faster turnaround times. In these cases, we will gladly discuss with you the options available based on that particular Embassy/Consulate’s service time. The onus lies on our clients to ensure that they have sent us all the required documents, photos, and/or any supporting material as required by the Embassy/Consulate in question. Since some consular offices do not offer refunds in the event your visa is denied, we strongly encourage you to make certain that you have provided us with a complete and full application package that meets the requirements of the specific country in question.

Fee Schedule

Turnaround Times:

This service is intended for clients who ABSOLUTELY require their visa to be immediately issued. We MUST receive the application package no later than end of business the day before the visa will be issued. This turnaround time may not be available concerning some Embassies/Consulates. Conditions may apply.

2-3 Day:
This service is intended once again for clients who require their visa(s) to be immediately issued; however they have a few more days of flexibility. This service tenders a slightly reduced rate for “rush” service. Conditions may apply.

We highly recommend this speed of service to our clients, since it is extremely cost-effective, and offers a favorable discount for each additional passport requiring a visa when processed at an Embassy/Consulate within the greater Ottawa area.

This is the most economical option we offer at Capital Authentication. This service is designed for clients who do not have any time constraints on their travel itinerary or the processing of their visa. This service option also tends a discount for each additional passport requiring a visa when processed at an Embassy/Consulate within the greater Ottawa area. Although we guarantee a ten (10) day turnaround time, we are typically able to have your visa(s) processed and returned to you in less than this prescribed time.