Welcome to Capital Authentication, your full service Canadian Document Authentication and Legalization Service. Our office has been operating for over nineteen years, during which time, we have developed the connections necessary to ensure that your Canadian documents are authenticated and legalized and/or visas are professionally processed in a cost effective and timely manner. Read More

Your “Trusted Partner” for your Canadian

Document Authentication and Legalization

Document Authentication


Our office attends Global Affairs Canada every business day for the purpose of having Canadian documents authenticated for use abroad.

Document Legalization


In order to legalize your documents, our office will attend on your behalf at the necessary Embassy/Consulate to have your documents processed.

Visa Processing


Whether your travels are for personal, business, or adoption-related purposes, our office will attend at the required Embassy/Consulate to have your visa(s) processed.

Benefits of partnering with us

Fee Transparency

At Capital Authentication, we feel that it is extremely important to clearly post our fees for service. If you have any questions reach out to us either by e-mail, telephone or simply use our quote request form


As your trusted partner€ our office offers four different processing speeds depending upon the degree of urgency. We have found that no two clients have the same requirements.  By offering different processing speeds, a client can select the service that best suits their needs.  If you have questions, contact us or simply reach out to our staff.


The staff at Capital Authentication maintains an excellent working relationship with the authentication staff at Global Affairs Canada and the various diplomatic missions that we regularly attend. We have developed the expertise necessary to efficiently service the needs of our clients. If you have any questions, contact us, via e-mail or simply request a quote.


By providing regular updates, our office keeps our clients fully informed from the time that their documents are received, while the documents are being processed and a final alert to confirm that the documents are being returned. If you have questions reach out to our office either by e-mail, telephone or simply request a quote.